Water bill rate hike now in effect for Burlington, Oakville, Halton Hills and Milton


Published January 4, 2024 at 3:00 pm

water wastewater bill Halton Burling Milton Oakville

If you live in Halton Region you can expect to see an increase in the amount you have to pay on your next utility bill.

As of Jan. 1 of 2024, the combined water and wastewater rate you have to pay increased by 4.3 per cent.

The increase will be found on your hydro bill which also includes the water charges.

Halton Region calculates your bill by adding your monthly fixed-service charge (based on meter size) to your consumption charge (based on your water usage).

Halton’s water and wastewater rates are based on the 2024 Budget and Business Plan approved by local politicians.

“Applying a fixed and variable fee structure is an industry best practice to support the Region’s water and wastewater system,” according to information supplied by Halton Region adding the system provides a reliable supply of clean drinking water as well as wastewater services that meet the needs of the community and protects the environment.

Halton explains that the rate increase will be used for ongoing operations, maintenance and repairs.

More details about the rates can be found by following this link.




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