WATCH: Burlington Mayor chats LaSalle Park Marina, Waterfront Hotel Lands, and more


Published May 4, 2022 at 3:22 pm

Khaled Iwamura chat with Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward about LaSalle Park Marina, Waterfront Hotel Lands, and more.

Here are all the questions he asked:

  • You just announced your candidacy for mayor.
    – What accomplishment during your first term are you most proud of?
    – What are your main goals if re-elected?
  • Tell us about the bingo halls issue in Burlington?
  • LaSalle Park Marina is having trouble getting insurance‚Ķis city going to take over?
  • What would the developers of the 2 towers on the Waterfront Hotel Lands have to make you and Burlington council happy?
  • Provincial election was called yesterday. What would you like to see made a priority for Burlington?
  • Can we please allow parking on the streets of Alton to park more then 2 cars
  • Why all the close door sessions?
  • Event this summer Burlington?


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