Vandals strike at Burlington park, construction delayed


Published July 26, 2023 at 1:53 pm

Vandals and the weather are to blame for the delays in revamping a Burlington park.

That’s the word from City Hall indicating construction at the park in the Plains Rd. E. and QEW is behind schedule because of a combination of ongoing crimes at the site and rain.

The work that is being carried out at Leighland Park was started in October of last year and was supposed to be completed by now. However, the work is now expected to be done by the fall. The park has largely been closed during the project.

A notice on the Burlington website says work crews have been dealing with continuing vandalism at the site to equipment and fencing.

“Vandalism increases costs and creates delays and having unauthorized people in the construction area is a safety issue,” The City states on its website. “Stay out of the construction area. This project will benefit everyone when finished so please do not interfere.”

Reports say construction machinery has been damaged, tools stolen and the fencing surrounding the perimeter is continually being knocked down.

As well, the City says several weeks of rainy weather and wet site conditions have caused work delays.

This follows reports last week that another Burlington park had to close as vandals are now suspected of damaging the rubber surface area of the playground. That park, Burlington Central, is closed until further notice as repairs are carried out. Those who regularly use Central Park say the rubber surface is regularly ripped up purposely by vandals or unintentionally by children playing at the site.

Meanwhile, when complete, the work done at Leighland Park will include upgrades to the existing baseball diamond, basketball court and tennis court (to accommodate pickleball). As well, outdoor fitness equipment will be installed, a leash-free area for dogs will be created, a drinking fountain will be added and more trees planted.


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