Town of Halton Hills begins naturalization process


Published August 23, 2022 at 9:58 am

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The Town of Halton Hills has begun a process known as naturalization, as part of its Climate Change Adaptation Plan.

Naturalization includes increasing the Town’s tree canopy by growing natural buffer areas as well as reducing mowed areas in local parks.

The process focuses on turning turf grass into meadows and wooded areas that provide habitat for local pollinators and wildlife while also helping to mitigate local flooding and extreme heat.

The reduction of mowed areas helps to avoid the environmental and economic costs of manicured grass.

This includes significant fuel use, air and water pollution, loss of biological diversity, and taxpayers’ cost.

Additionally, while not as frequent as turfed areas, these naturalized areas continue receiving annual maintenance.

“Increasing naturalization is just one way we’re creating a healthy, climate-resilient community in Halton Hills,” wrote the Town on Twitter.

Back in 2019, Town council declared a climate change emergency in Halton Hills.

As a result, the Town is committed to taking concrete actions and achieving a net-zero target by 2030.

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