Teen in Mercedes police allege ‘cut everyone off’ in Oakville facing fine, loss of points


Published June 29, 2023 at 11:18 am

A teenage driver is facing a fine and loss of six demerit points after being charged Wednesday afternoon for careless driving by Halton Regional Police. HALTON POLICE PHOTO

A 17-year-old’s alleged move in his Mercedes to get ahead of afternoon traffic on a busy Oakville street could be a costly one to his wallet and driving record.

It was also a case of bad timing when police say one of the vehicles stopped at a red light Wednesday (June 28) on Dundas St. while the teenager passed everyone using a turn lane and bus base was one of theirs.

“(He) then cut everyone off before speeding away,” says Halton Regional Police Cst. Marc Taraso.

The teenager was charged with careless driving which brings with it a $490 fine and loss of six demerit points.

“This young/novice driver learned that the phrase ‘there’s never a traffic cop around when you need them’ isn’t true,” said Cst. Tarasao.

Taraso tweeted out the incident on Twitter and the responses were pretty much what one expected.

“Good thing you were able to help this motorist debunk an old adage,” read one tweet.

“Some people are just more important than others,” said another.

Even road safety blogger Scott Marshall at The Safe driver weighed in.

“It’s time to change the attitude to change the performance,” Marshall responded on Twitter. “Learn young that there are more people (on) the road than you.”

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