Swan and goose eggs are being removed from Burlington parks


Published July 10, 2023 at 5:12 pm

A program to reduce the Canada goose and mute swan population in Burlington is underway.

Eggs from the geese and swans are being taken away for several reasons including the prevention of damage to parks, the reduction of waste produced by the waterfowl that goes into the water system (that can cause bacteria), and to stop conflicts between the birds and park users.

The eggs are usually destroyed, according to Government of Canada guidelines.

The City of Burlington had previously been involved in the program for several years but it was put on hold because of the pandemic.

According to information released on her website, Mayor Marianne Meed Ward said that while Canada geese are protected by Canadian law, there are exceptions that allow for their removal. She said the mute swans (those with an orange-coloured bill) are a non-native and invasive species that pose a threat to local wildlife and wetland habitat. The program doesn’t apply to other swan species.

Canadian Wildlife Services oversees the protective legislation but also issues the permits for the removal exemptions, which Burlington has.

“Under the conditions of the legislated permit, the City hired Municipal Wildlife Control to inventory adult Canada geese and mute swans, and to count, collect and remove eggs from both species in our waterfront parks and at Tyandaga Golf Club,” she states on the website.

Municipal Wildlife Control will provide a report to the City of Burlington and Canada Wildlife Service as required by the legislated permit agreement.

Her information was provided after members of the public noticed that the eggs were being removed at LaSalle Park. They are also being taken away from other lakefront locations.

It is not known how many eggs have been collected.


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