Strategic plan sets path for Oakville to ‘thrive’ over next four years


Published July 14, 2023 at 9:58 am

Oakville Council has approved The Town of Oakville Council Strategic Plan and 2023-2026 Action Plan that will help guide their decision making over the next four years. TOWN OF OAKVILLE PHOTO

Oakville has its roadmap for the next four years.

At a meeting earlier this week, Town Council approved a new long-term strategy and set its priorities for the next four years.

The Town of Oakville Council Strategic Plan and 2023-2026 Action Plan will help guide Council’s decision making over the for the next few years and the provides them with a vision to be a “vibrant and liveable community for all.

“The Town of Oakville Council Strategic Plan and 2023-2026 Action Plan has been shaped by the needs and wants of our community and sets a path for us to thrive and be successful,” said Oakville Mayor Rob Burton.

“Council and I are excited to continue serving the community with more focus and are deeply committed to advancing town priorities, strengthening municipal operations, and dedicating resources toward achieving Oakville’s vision of a vibrant and livable community for all.”

The new long-term strategy has identified the four strategic priorities that matter most to the community:

Growth management

  • Managing growth for a vibrant local economy, meeting infrastructure needs and ensuring we have complete communities and efficient mobility across the town

Community Belonging

  • Enhancing community belonging to ensure all residents are invited to engage in a fulfilling community life that is built to support wellbeing

Environmental Sustainability

  • Ensuring environmental sustainability to meet future needs related to greenspace, natural areas, and act on climate change mitigation and adaptation

Accountable government

  • Providing accountable government for excellence in service delivery and responsible management of resources

“With extensive community engagement over the last six months, the Town of Oakville Council Strategic Plan and 2023-2026 Action Plan reflects what matters most to Oakville, now and into the future,” said Town CAO Jane Clohecy. “This roadmap will help provide Council and staff with direction and purpose as we strive to be a vibrant and livable community for all by serving the community in a responsible, inclusive way, dedicated to building economic, social, and environmental sustainability.”

To ensure the town is on track to delivering on these actions, staff will be building a key community indicators dashboard that will be available on the town’s website to share data on the town’s progress towards achieving its shared goals and priorities.

To understand the wants and needs of the community, the town has gathered ideas and experiences over the last five months from the community through phone and online surveys, open house events, consultation with community groups and staff and Council interviews and workshops with with experts.

To learn more, visit the Strategic Plan page on

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