Snow plow tracker can show which Burlington streets are clear after a storm hits


Published January 3, 2024 at 2:50 pm

snow plow

It hasn’t happened yet, but you know that it is coming.

Snow, it’s the cold white stuff kids love to play in but is also the ingredient that makes road travel quite dangerous.

To help guide you through the streets of Burlington once the snow accumulates you can follow along on the Plow Tracker.

The tracker allows users to track the progress of snow-clearing operations and check which streets have been plowed, sanded or salted when it snows and the streets need to be cleared. Whenever a road is cleared the tracker will clearly indicate the change through the use of colours.

The City of Burlington maintains 1,900 km of roads and 850 km of sidewalks during snowfall operations.

If you need more snow removal information or have a snow-clearing request, you can find additional information here.





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