Six properties being added to Oakville’s Heritage registry


Published November 28, 2023 at 12:56 pm

Half-a-dozen Oakville properties are being recommended for official heritage status.

According to a report presented at the Heritage Oakville Advisory Committee meeting, staff has evaluated the properties and consider them worthy of conservation and heritage designation.

Being added to the Heritage list are:

Holyrood House, 2 Holyrood Ave.

Holyrood Estate Pillars, 24 Holyrood Ave.

Snyder House, 311-313 Macdonald Rd.

Cuthbertson House, 323 Macdonald Rd.

Dowding House, 429 Macdonald Rd.

Crossley House, 383 Spruce St.

The reason for designating these properties now is Bill 23, More Homes Built Faster Act of 2022. The bill included several amendments to the Ontario Heritage Act, including a two-year time limit for listed properties to remain on municipal heritage registers.

In early 2023, Policy Planning & Heritage initiated the Heritage Designation Project 2023-2025 to designate approximately 80 listed properties prior to their required removal from Oakville’s Heritage Register on Jan. 1, 2025. The subject properties of this report were included as priorities within that list.

A Cultural Heritage Evaluation Report has been prepared by staff for each property. These documents provide an overview of each of the property’s history, current condition and cultural heritage value.

A property must meet at least two criteria of Ontario Regulation 9/06. The subject properties have been evaluated using these criteria. Staff considers each property to meet at least two or more of these criteria, and therefore each property merits designation.

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