Salamanders threatened as motorist ignores Burlington safe crossing


Published March 18, 2024 at 11:15 am

Burlington salamander road closed motorist ticket

Halton police say a motorist ignored signs and barricades and drove along a road that has been closed off to allow an endangered species to cross.

The incident took place Sunday (March 17) on King Road in Burlington which is off limits to drivers around this time each year to allow the Jefferson salamander to reach their breeding grounds.

Police say the motorist was observed ignoring the barricades and proceeding along the road.

“When turned back they aggressively tailgated a vehicle that left Bayview Park,” police said.

The motorist was ticketed for following too close to another vehicle. The penalty for such an infraction can be fines reaching $500 and demerit points.

The infraction comes under the Highway Traffic Act and is not considered a criminal charge. Police rarely reveal the names of those ticketed under these circumstances.

Currently, King Road from North Service Road to Mountain Brown Road is closed to allow the salamander to pass.

The stretch of road will be closed until the beginning of April.

Since 2012, Burlington has closed the same section of road for the salamanders to cross which has proven to be a lifesaver for the creatures. They are a nationally and provincially protected endangered species because of habitat loss.




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