Phony firefighters try safety ploys to get into Halton Hills homes


Published November 27, 2023 at 4:34 pm

Fake firefighters have been trying to get into Georgetown and Acton homes by using a phoney investigation scam.

According to reports, the culprits have been going door-to-door posing as local firefighters conducting smoke alarm investigations.

Suspicious homeowners have alerted authorities and today the Halton Hills Fire Department issued a warning.

“We have been made aware that individuals have been approaching homes and offering to check smoke alarms,” the fire department warning states. “These individuals are NOT members of the HHFD (Halton Hills Fire Department).”

The bulletin also points out the department is not running any type of home inspection program at this time.

Those on social media channels have pointed out they are seeing more people ringing their doorbells and offering services and inspections in recent months.

“Just because some guy is wearing an orange vest doesn’t mean he’s legitimate,” said one Facebook user. “I don’t open my door for anyone if I don’t know them.”

Another user said the door knockers are getting more aggressive.

“They want to come into your house. One guy said he wanted to check my smoke detector and I’m pretty sure that same guy came back and wanted to come inside to check my furnace. He wanted to walk right in and I had to stand in front of him to stop him,” said another member of a Georgetown Facebook group.

The fire department is telling residents to use caution when someone knocks at the door and claims to be representing them or any other public agency.

“Please use caution and call Halton Regional Police if required,” the HHFD says.

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