‘Peace and human dignity’ called for in Israel, Gaza by Oakville mayor, council


Published October 17, 2023 at 10:09 am

Israel Palestine war Hamas
Smoke rises from an explosion caused by Israeli airstrikes on the border between Egypt and Rafah, Gaza Strip on Tuesday (Oct. 10). HATEM ALI/THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP PHOTO

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton and Town Council released a joint statement Monday (Oct. 16) condemning the terrorist attacks by Hamas on Israel and are calling for “peace and human dignity.”

It’s reported that at least 1,400 people have died, and 3,400 others have been injured in Israel after the militant terrorist group launched an attack through air, land, and sea last Saturday (Oct. 7).

Retaliatory strikes in Gaza from Israel have resulted in at least 2,778 people killed and another 9,938 injured according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

“On behalf of the town and Council, Mayor Rob Burton condemns the terrorist attacks by Hamas and joins in sympathy with all residents whose ties to those caught in the conflicts have them mourning the loss of loved ones and praying for the safety of surviving family and friends,” read the statement.

“Safety and well-being for all Oakville residents are the community’s top priorities. Oakville achieves its interfaith harmony through its tradition of respectful community dialogue and cooperation.”

Tensions, though, remain high with talk the Israel Defence Forces are getting ready for a ground war. They have called for all residents of Gaza City to evacuate their homes and move south for protection.

“Mayor Burton and Council urge peaceful ends to all of the conflicts now afflicting the world and respect for peace and human dignity here at home and abroad, especially for civilians, who should be protected under international law,” said the remainder of the statement.

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