One of the most popular burger joints opening in Burlington


Published September 9, 2022 at 9:56 pm

One of Ontario’s most iconic burger joints will be opening its 28th location.

Burger’s Priest has worked toward a burger “redemption” for years. Founder Shant Mardirosian grew up in California and “had always revered a fresh, classic old-fashioned burger.”

However according to Burger’s Priest a good burger was increasingly hard to find, “in an world of apparent burger defilement.” Years later in Toronto Mardirosian, then a seminary student, opened his first Burger Priest location in 2010.

Since then the Burger’s Priest expanded into 25 locations in the Greater Toronto Area and three more in Alberta. Pilgrims now flock to the Burger’s Priest in Mississauga Brampton, Hamilton, London, Guelph, Pickering and now Burlington among other cities.

Inspired by “beef that has never met a freezer” acolytes believing a “simpler burger is a better burger” have discovered the path to burger redemption.

The Burger’s Priest launched with the Original Six, simple burgers from on high like; the humble Hamburger, the OG Cheeseburger, the Holy Smokes (featuring crusted jalapenos), the Priest (with crusted mushroom caps), the double-decker High Priest and the Vatican (served between two grilled cheese buns).

As their congregation grew so too did the menu into chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, veggie burgers (such as the Miracle),  and Kosher hot dogs.

A burger joint wouldn’t be complete without the fires and the Priest blessed followers with those too. The cup (or plate, rather) runneth over with cheese fries, poutine, and the mysterious Stern Fries.

The Burger’s Priest also has a secret menu, with offerings like Armageddon, the Pope and the Tower of Babel, but we’ll reserve those secrets for the devout.

To learn the mysteries of the great (burger) beyond pilgrims can head to the newly-christened Burger Priest in Burlington at 491 Appleby Line that will be opening in early October.

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