New mural on downtown Milton lane will promote diversity, anti-hate


Published July 17, 2023 at 1:25 pm

A public arts project that aims to help reduce hate and racism is entering its second year in Milton.

The Exclusively Inclusive Art Projects, presented by Arts Milton, intends to build upon the success of the inaugural year.

This year’s project is taking place at Hugh Lane with artists David Anthony, Hope Flynn, Reilly Knowles, Aparna Rangnekar and Yeh Linh Thai.

“These artists will be working tirelessly to create a vibrant and engaging mural that will grace the sidewalk of Hugh Lane,” said a spokesperson from Arts Milton.

Starting this month, the ambitious project aims to transform the space into a visual narrative that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and the power of art.

“Through the Exclusively Inclusive Art Projects, we strive to foster an environment where art becomes a catalyst for dialogue, connection, and understanding. By bringing together artists from diverse backgrounds, we aim to create a mural that reflects the richness and beauty of our community’s tapestry.”

Throughout the creative process, community members, art enthusiasts, and curious visitors are encouraged to head over to Hugh Lane, witness the transformation unfold, and engage with the artists.

This project provides a unique opportunity to observe the artistic journey and gain insights into the inspirations and stories behind the mural.

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