New funds will support several Burlington art and cultural programs this year

Published April 17, 2023 at 9:00 am

Several Burlington organizations have been selected to receive grants of up to $7,000 to support community arts and cultural projects.

Overall, 19 projects will be supported including a juried art show, photography courses, musical concerts and cooking exhibitions, among others.

Burlington Arts and Culture Fund (BACF) grant program provides yearly funds to local artists, multicultural groups and arts and cultural organizations to:

  • Encourage social cohesion, enhance quality of life and stimulate cultural and economic development through direct investment
  • Enrich how Burlington residents experience and engage with arts and culture
  • Foster creativity
  • Nurture the quality and capacity of the arts and culture sector in Burlington

The program recognizes and supports diverse identities, perspectives, languages, cultures and artistic practices. Funding must be used to further an applicant’s not-for-profit activities and grants are intended to support a specific activity or event taking place from April to March.

This year 27 grant applications were submitted to the BACF and 19 were selected from a jury of peers and Burlington City staff.

The jury selected the 19 fund recipients based on:

  • artistic merit,
  • program merit and strategic initiative,
  • citywide and community impact, and
  • economic impact.

A complete list of the grant recipients and their projects can be found here.

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