Neighbourhood ‘bumping” spot among Burlington projects receiving cash influx

Published July 13, 2023 at 1:46 pm

A place where neighbours can “bump” into each other is getting the financial assistance to proceed.

The project is one of three that have been approved by the City of Burlington Neighbourhood Community Matching Fund (NCMF).

The bumping space will be placed in Sycamore Park in the Palmer community where those in the area have outlined a plan for more friendly interaction between neighbours. They will receive $9,981.

Bumping spaces are places where people can “bump” into neighbours and create informal interactions, meet-ups with friends or spot to meet somebody new.

The project includes three round metal picnic tables, one of which will be accessible for those who use wheelchairs, and a sensory garden which is intended to stimulate sight, sound and touch.

The other NCMF projects are:

Public Pollinator Garden ($3,640)

This project aims to create a public pollinator garden at Port Nelson United Church. The pollinator garden will provide a safe and nurturing environment for pollinators while enhancing the beauty of the area.

Burlington Tennis Club ($5,000)

This project aims to install and provide outdoor public Wi-Fi and web cameras in the west end of Central Park, near the Burlington Tennis Club.

The NCMF was created in 2016 and has helped several community projects come to fruition since then.

The fund objectives are:

  • Improve, build and strengthen Burlington neighbourhoods
  • Create a greater sense of belonging
  • Foster individual well-being and community pride
  • Inspire residents to become more actively involved in the community
  • Build stronger relationships



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