Movie set in Burlington now showing on Netflix


Published January 2, 2024 at 2:09 pm

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Isaiah Lehtinen stars in the Burlington-based film I Like Movies.

If you didn’t catch it on the big screen now’s your chance to see it on the small screen.

I Like Movies, the Burlington-based coming-of-age film is now showing on Netflix and can be viewed on demand by audiences across Canada.

Written and directed by Chandler Levack, the film is loosely based on her experiences growing up in Burlington while working at a video rental store.

I Like Movies has been a hit with both critics and audiences since its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and has put Burlington on display for film buffs around the world.

Touching, funny and relatable in a very down-to-earth Canadian way, I Like Movies Levack shows that you don’t need New York, London or even Toronto to provide the backdrop for a successful film…it can be set in your own backyard.

“I think that is what the audience connects to,” Levack told back in March. “The suburban landscape is universal. Most films are not found in Burlington, but most of Canada actually looks like Burlington. People can identify with that, they can see themselves doing the things they see in the movie like waiting for your mom to pick you up in the parking lot after work.”

And you won’t need a sharp eye to spot some familiar landmarks such as LaSalle Park, the Skyway Bridge, Maple Skatepark, Tansley Woods and even Aldershot High School which Levack attended as does the movie’s protagonist.

Levack is currently working on her next feature-length film which is titled Anglophine set in 2011 which will be her take on life in Montreal for young, English-speaking residents and their experience with music-themed movies of the day.




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