Milton residents devastated after ‘Moustache Tree’ destroyed


Published January 3, 2024 at 11:57 am

Many people on social media are quite upset after someone shared this picture on Reddit of Milton's Moustache Tree, near Mill Pond, having fallen.

The destruction of a long-time landmark in Milton has left many residents upset and talking about it on social media.

The ‘Moustache Tree’ in Rotary Park has been around for decades but now lays in a crumpled heap.

There is no clear reason why the old stump, which had famously been painted with a bright pink face that had a thin moustache on it, had fallen.

Some speculated that it had been pushed over or vandalized by someone while others think it was due to natural causes, perhaps due to the recent snow.

“Such a shame, I’ve been waiting for this to happen with all the vandalism/graffiti that I’ve been seeing this past year. Very sad, I had my grandson there Boxing Day,” wrote one person on Reddit.

Some people, however, said they’d never heard of the local landmark.

“Lived in Milton my whole life and I have no idea what this is,” wrote another Reddit user.

A user on Facebook shared this photo of the ‘Moustache Tree’ near Mill Pond in Milton.

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