Milton mayor paid more than $130,000 last year: report


Published March 19, 2024 at 1:39 pm

milton mayor council

Milton Mayor Gord Krantz was paid more than $130,000 last year according to a report heading to Milton council next week.

The annual report from the Town of Milton’s CFO/treasurer Glen Cowan is a requirement under provincial legislation.

The report outlines the remuneration and expenses paid to each member of council or people appointed to various boards.

Krantz, the longest serving mayor in Canadian history, was paid $125,343 in salary. His total remuneration, including nearly $7,900 in mileage reimbursement, was $142,936.

Here are the totals for each of the councillors:

  • Sameera Ali: $59,328
  • Colin Best: $59,328
  • John Challinor II: $49,705
  • Sammy Ijaz: $55,261
  • Adil Khalqi: $55,545
  • Richard Malboeuf: $53,273
  • Sarah Marshall: $59,286
  • Kristina Tesser Derksen: $51,775

The other main board that pays more than a nominal fee are the Milton Hydro boards. The total pay there was:

  • Colin Best: $11,626
  • Tim Gibson: $11,626
  • Matthew Leitch: $12,198
  • Richard Malboeuf: $13,898
  • Katrina McFadden: $13,318
  • George Minakakis: $19,137
  • Brian Penman: $15,590
  • William Swan: $15,590

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