Major chain restaurant closes because of Anti-Trudeau protest in Oakville


Published May 17, 2023 at 12:43 pm

Canadian Tire has responded after another an anti-Trudeau gathering took place on one of its parking lots, this time in Oakville. INHALTON.COM PHOTO

An anti-Justin Trudeau rally this past weekend resulted in an Oakville restaurant temporarily shutting its doors out of concern for the “safety” of their customers and employees.

A group of protestors, which Halton Regional Police say numbered around 150, attended a planned rally in the parking lot of the Hyde Park Gate Canadian Tire location on Saturday (May 13) leading Montana’s BBQ & Bar to close for that evening.

“Due to a large unsanctioned gathering nearby, our Oakville location made the decision to close early this evening out of concern for the safety of our guests and teammates,” Montana’s management wrote in a message left taped to its front doors.

Videos on Twitter and Facebook showed scenes of people dancing to music, waving flags and carrying around signs with profane language aimed at the Canadian Prime Minister and members of the Liberal Party.

Another Anti-Trudeau gathering is being planned and promoted on Twitter for a Canadian Tire parking lot in Cornwall on June 10.

Will other businesses have to close during these protests in the future?

The advertised “party” is just one of many that have been happening across the province at Canadian Tire parking lots on weekends and possibly leading to similar restaurants and businesses having to make the same decision as Montana’s to temporarily shut its doors because of the disturbance.

The gatherings appear to be having a financial impact on nearby restaurants and businesses who, like Montana’s, make the decision to temporarily close their doors.

Montana’s told customers they would see them soon.

“Montana’s closed on the evening of May 13 due to a large unsanctioned gathering in the area,” the posting said. “We take the safety of our guests and teammates very seriously and apologize for any inconvenience.

“We’re happy to welcome you back tomorrow. We appreciate your understanding and hope to see you soon.”

The protesters have used the Canadian Tire logo in online posts to promote the gathering. Canadian Tire has said it was not affiliated with the event and did not give permission for its name or logo to be used in promoting the event.

Halton police were on the scene to monitor the event, but did not interfere.

At a similar “unsanctioned” rally held the week before (May 6) in Barrie at the Bayfield Mall parking lot in front of the Canadian Tire, police laid just over two dozen highway traffic act charges and seized one vehicle for stunt driving for something done on Bayfield Street.

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