Leaky tanker poses problems for fighting fires in parts of Burlington


Published May 8, 2023 at 4:16 pm

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Remote areas of Burlington that are without fire hydrants are increasingly at risk because of a leaky tanker that is now beyond repair.

As a result, the City of Burlington looks to spend over $900,000 to purchase a new truck.

The current tanker — a truck that can carry a large volume of water — operated by the Burlington Fire Department sprung a leak in 2022 and attempts to fix it permanently have been unsuccessful.

A report presented at a recent City of Burlington committee meeting highlighted the issues with the old tanker.

“Attempts by maintenance to repair this leak have been unsuccessful,” the report reads. “The repairs have been short-lived, and the department is at a point where the additional repair cost vs remaining life of the apparatus are indicating the cost-effective solution is a full replacement.”

The truck, identified as Tanker T305, is the only one that services Burlington and while pumper trucks do carry water the tanker can carry more at 3,000 gallons which are needed in remote areas or where there are no hydrants.

The situation is exacerbated when it is not operational.

“Having this apparatus out of service for an extended period is a risk for the department as it must rely on the surrounding municipalities for mutual aid,” the report reads.

The tanker was due to be replaced in 2026 but the need is now, according to the fire department.

The vehicle that the fire department wants the City to approve will cost $914,225 and will be available late this summer. The issue will go before the next meeting of City council.




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