Know an outstanding young person in Milton? Nominate them for an award


Published February 12, 2024 at 11:14 am

If you know an outstanding young person in Milton, now’s the time to nominate them for an award.

The Milton Youth Task Force awards annually recognize the contributions of young people in Milton, as well as businesses, agencies and organizations who support youth.

The purpose of the awards is to promote a positive image of young people and to generate awareness of the valuable contributions that youth and supportive adults make in our community.

The community is invited to nominate a local student in Grade 7 to 12 for a 2024 award in one of the following categories:

  • Milton Youth Champion of the Year: Awarded to a youth who is an engaged member of the Milton Community, exhibiting strong leadership skills and a drive to improve the community. Nominees from all categories will also be eligible. This award will be handed to one of the award winners from another category.
  • Youth Artist of the Year: Awarded to a youth demonstrating a long-term commitment to the arts, who has used their talents for the benefit of the community in one or more of these areas; multimedia , theatre, dance, music, and visual arts.
  • Youth Athlete of the Year: Awarded to a youth who exemplifies good sportsmanship who has made an exceptional contribution to the sporting community, on and off the field.
  • Youth Support of the Year: Awarded to an individual, organization, or business working to support, mentor and encourage youth. They value youth engagement and the role it plays in helping youth grow to be positive citizens in our community.
  • Youth Eco Activist of the Year: Awarded to a youth who exhibits care and discern for the environment and is actively trying to leave the planet as a better place for future generations.
  • Youth Change-Maker of the Year: Awarded to an individual who demonstrates advocacy and awareness for social change within the community, for global issues.
  • Youth Entrepreneur of the Year: Awarded to a youth-run business owner who has demonstrated a passion for the youth of their community, inclusive business practices, and dedication to growing their small business.
  • Youth Mentor of the Year: Awarded to a youth who works with and mentors peers and/or future leaders (children) in their community, whether as a tutor, instructor, coach-in-training etc.
  • Outstanding Youth Group of the Year: Awarded to any group that collaborates to make a positive impact within the community; an after school group, a community youth group, or a group of friends who are paving positive pathways.
  • Rising Leader of the Year (Age 12-14 only): Awarded to a youth who started an initiative which made a positive impact within their community, showing growing leadership skills and outstanding potential as representatives of the community.

Nominations can be submitted online and are open until March 15.

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