Home break-ins on the rise as thieves in Oakville target high-end vehicles


Published October 24, 2023 at 9:33 am

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A disturbing auto theft trend this year has seen thieves break into 40 homes in Halton – including 20 in Oakville – to steal the keys to high-end cars, with Mercedes, Lexus SUVs and Cadillac Escalades the targeted vehicles of choice.

So far, Halton Police say, violent encounters have not occurred but police are warning homeowners to lock their doors and to not confront the thieves but to call 9-1-1 immediately.

Halton Police say there has been a spike in these types of auto thefts, with thieves usually looking for unlocked doors. In some cases, however, suspects have broken windows or forced doors open to gain entry and grab keys left near the door.

This year, there have been approximately 20 break-ins of this style in Oakville, 10 in Burlington and 10 in Milton/ Halton Hills.

Other safety tips recommended by police include:

  • Park high-end vehicles in a garage or have the vehicle blocked-in by another vehicle.
  • Do not keep keys at the front door, especially if they are visible through a window.
  • Install after-market tracking devices on vehicles such as an Air Tag.
  • Have proper lighting and/or cameras installed.
  • Report suspicious activity (thieves often scout homes and vehicles in advance).

For more information and tips, visit https://www.haltonpolice.ca/en/staying-safe/auto-theft.aspx.

Anyone with information regarding these investigations is asked to contact the Oakville Criminal Investigations Bureau at (905) 825-4777 ext. 2216 or for Burlington at (905) 825-4777 ext. 2316 or for Milton/ Halton Hills at (905) 825-4777 ext. 2416.

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