Halton residents encouraged to create safety plan in case of emergency


Published April 29, 2021 at 3:55 pm

Halton residents are encouraged to create a plan to be prepared in case an emergency strikes.

“If this past year has taught us anything,” said Bryce Marshall, Community Emergency Management Coordinator/Deputy Chief, “it’s that we have to be ready for the unexpected. That is why it is important to have a plan, be prepared and understand what to do, to keep yourself and others safe during an emergency.”

An emergency plan should include communications with family members, evacuation procedures and safe meeting places, pet care, fire prevention and safety procedures, utility shutoffs and copies and safe storage of important documents.

This year’s theme for the annual Provincially-led campaign is “Emergency Preparedness: Be Ready for Anything,” which includes a test of the Alert Ready system.

On Wednesday, May 5 at 12:55 p.m., residents can expect to hear the distinct sound of the alert on their television, radio or wireless devices.

The system delivers critical information to Ontario residents on required actions to stay safe during an emergency.

“COVID-19 has been a worldwide emergency and who could have predicted that it would impact us in so many different ways, from who we see, to how we socialize, shop and work,” said Halton Hills Mayor Rick Bonnette.

“That’s why emergency management is a shared responsibility for which we all have a role to play, including individuals, communities, governments, the private sector and volunteer organizations.”

To expand emergency preparedness efforts, residents are encouraged to reach out to neighbours and friends who are vulnerable or need assistance. This includes seniors, pet owners and people with disabilities and special needs.

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