Glen Eden ski resort in Milton set to open soon


Published December 6, 2023 at 4:07 pm

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Glen Eden will officially open on Dec. 27, 2023 - Photo courtesy of Glen Eden's Instagram account

If you’ve been craving time on the slopes at a popular GTA skiing and snowboarding destination, you might be excited to hear that Glen Eden is officially opening soon.

An original version of this story said the resort was opening on Dec. 27, which was the date given on Glen Eden’s voicemail message. A spokesperson for the resort said the date on the voicemail is incorrect. 

“We determine our opening date based on weather and snow conditions on the hill. While our snowmakers are busy building a base and making snow, we aren’t ready yet but we hope to announce our opening date soon,” she said in an email to Inalton.colm

Conservation Halton also recently announced that Glen Eden is hiring for the season. On its website, Conservation Halton says the ski hill, located at the Kelso Conservation Area, will be taking applications for numerous positions soon. It also said it’s offering a “ton of new perks” and increasing the minimum wage for all seasonal entry-level positions. 

Adding that it’s one of the largest employers of young people in the area, Conservation Halton said it’s also offering an hours-worked incentive, free season pass and more to its future staff members. 

Glen Eden offers 16 runs, with a mix of difficult, intermediate and easy slopes. Five slopes are marked as ideal for beginners. The park also boasts three chairlifts and three carpets designed to help skiers reach the top of the hills. 

The resort offers lessons, equipment repair and tuning facilities, ski and snowboard rentals, parking and three on-site food spots. 

Life tickets range in price from $20 to $55, depending on a skier’s age. 

Editor’s note: This story has been updated from its original version, as Glen Eden said the opening date given on its voicemail is not correct. 

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