From isolation to fun in the sun, Burlington couple ready to enjoy $250,000


Published November 24, 2023 at 12:07 pm

During the pandemic when they were isolated at home, Wayne and Melissa Genoway of Burlington needed something to do.

They made the right choice.

The Genoways decided to play Instant Crossword Deluxe, an OLG scratch game that offers some big prizes and they have just claimed the biggest one worth $250,000.

“I played the ticket while at home and thought I won $50 at first,” Melissa explained. “When I scanned the ticket I thought, ‘OMG’ and went back to check where all the words were placed.”

When she sent Wayne a photo of the ticket he thought she was joking.

“I phoned her and could tell by her voice it was real,” he said. “It’s a happy and exciting time. I was excited my wife got to experience the discovery.”

The couple say the winnings have changed their life.

As well as giving her a new bounce to her step, Melissa said deciding what to do with the money has created some special moments with her husband. “It’s something we can share,” she said.

In the meantime, with the snow about to fly in Burlington, the Genoways say a sunny climate awaits them as they plan on a beach vacation for some relaxation.

The scratch card they won on was for game #3353.

The winning ticket was purchased at Kilbride Country Store on Kilbride St.

Wayne Genoway proudly displays his big cheque


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