Fox Television show featuring Canadian actor filming in downtown Oakville


Published March 1, 2024 at 10:18 am

Photos courtesy Attila Bolla

An American TV show featuring Canadian actor Molly Parker has been filming in downtown Oakville recently.

Doc, an adaptation of a popular Italian show, is scheduled to be shown on Fox network.

The show centres on the hard-charging, brilliant Dr. Amy Elias, chief of internal and family medicine at Westside Hospital in Minneapolis.

After a brain injury erases the last eight years of her life, Amy must navigate an unfamiliar world where she has no recollection of patients she’s treated, colleagues she’s crossed, the soulmate she divorced, the man she now loves or the tragedy that caused her to push everyone away.

She can only rely on her estranged 17-year-old daughter, who she remembers as a nine-year-old, and a handful of devoted friends as she struggles to continue practicing medicine despite having lost nearly a decade of knowledge and experience.

The production was caught filming at Ce Soir Bar early evening on Thursday, Feb. 29.

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