Federal government urged to provide funding for school food program

Published January 17, 2020 at 6:59 pm

Canada still doesn’t have a federally funded school food program.

Canada still doesn’t have a federally funded school food program.

Daniel Germain, the president and founder of Breakfast Club of Canada, is urging the Liberal government to make good on promises they made during the federal election campaign to provide funding for one such program.

“The Liberals made providing children access to healthy food a priority in the last federal budget, but they still haven’t released the much-needed money to make that happen. They need to act now. It’s unacceptable for even one child in a country as prosperous as Canada to ever go without food,” Germain said in a news release.

Additionally, Canada is the only country part of the G7 that doesn’t have a school food program that’s federally funded.

During this past election, the Liberal government committed to providing funds for a nation-wide food program, but it has not yet been released, which means students are still going hungry.

Further, according to the release, more than one million kids across the country don’t have access to a healthy meal before they go to school.

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