Driver posts warning about hit-and-run scammers in Oakville mall parking lot


Published January 11, 2024 at 3:40 pm

In these days of scams that are mainly attempted over your cell phone, an old classic popped up recently in Oakville.

According to a user on the social media site Reddit, they had a run-in with a would-be scammer outside the Winners store in the Dorval Crossing plaza, which is located near Dorval and the QEW.

“I was driving through the parking lot obeying all traffic signs and watching for pedestrians walking through the lot to the stores,” wrote the user.

“Outside of Winners, a man accused me of running a stop sign, speeding through the lot, and hitting him with the back of my car.”

The drivers said they were driving slowly and obeyed all stop signs. In addition, while driving forward, it would have been impossible to hit someone with the back of their vehicle.

“A young man in the car behind me saw the scammer intentionally hit my car with the back of his hand. I would like to thank this young man for coming forward.”

The author was telling their story as a cautionary tale, reminding others that, if this happens to them, “do not let people scream at you or intimidate you. Don’t second guess yourself. Be confident in your actions.”

In addition, if you feel the situation is getting out of control, call the police to help settle the matter. Never hand over money to make the person go away.

Users in the thread recommended everyone get front and rear cameras for their vehicles, a relatively inexpensive safety option these days.

Another said the sure way to know it’s a scammer is that the person will want money to go away. Always involve the police if the other person continues to press the case.

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