Biggest Snowstorm of the Year Could Hit Halton Soon

Published February 2, 2018 at 10:11 pm

It’s no secret that it’s winter, and winter means snow and cold across the region.

It’s no secret that it’s winter, and winter means snow and cold across the region. That said, what might be the biggest snow storm of the year is expected to hit Brampton next week, and it’s always good to be prepared!

According to The Weather Network, “confidence is high” that a major winter storm will rage across southern Ontario late Tuesday through Wednesday of next week (February 6-7, 2018). 

The Weather Network is predicting 10 to 20 cm for most of the 401 corridor and Niagara and 15 to 25 cm from Brockville to Montreal and north to Ottawa. 

Since the storm is several days away, the track is still developing so there is some uncertainty surrounding “this being the highest impact storm of the winter versus a total miss for the Canadian side of the border.”

There will either be heavy snow for Upstate New York, New England and the eastern Townships of Quebec, but little to no snow for Ontario, or, “more likely,” the system could track closer to the Great Lakes. This would mean widespread moderate to heavy snow along the 401 corridor from Windsor to Toronto and Montreal and also much of central Ontario and the Ottawa Valley.

The amount of snow that’s coming could exceed the storm that happened just before Christmas Day.

According to The Weather Network, the storm definitely won’t hit the 40-50 cm mark like some extreme and widely circulated forecasts that are spreading across social media. 

One thing’s for sure — we are currently in for several rounds of snow and cold with “Winter Part Two” for February and into March, unlike the mild weather we’ve been getting in January. 

Stay warm and be safe, everyone!

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