2-year project to improve local roads in Halton Hills kicks off this month


Published August 2, 2023 at 11:57 am

Milton road construction

Halton Region is about to being road improvements in Halton Hills that will take more than two years.

Beginning this month, Halton Region will carry out watermain and wastewater main improvements on various streets within Wards 3 and 4 in Georgetown.

This work will maintain the existing infrastructure in a state of good repair and ensure the continued delivery of reliable water and wastewater services.

Wastewater main improvements will be made on Temple Road, Dufferin Street, Todd Road, Reid Court, Dayfoot Drive, McIntyre Crescent, Gower Court and Gower Road.

Watermain improvements are schedule for Reid Court, Pennington Crescent and Delrex Boulevard.

The majority of construction is anticipated to be completed by fall 2025 with some restoration works to follow in summer 2026.

Here’s what local residents should know about the project. Wherever possible, mitigation plans will be put in place to minimize disruptions.

  • There may be increased levels of dust and mud near the work site. The contractor is required to manage these impacts.
  • Direct access to your driveway may be restricted for short periods of time. The Region will provide advance notice of any planned restrictions.
  • If you have a lawn irrigation system within the public road allowance, please locate, disconnect and remove any sprinkler heads prior to the construction work commencing. Halton Region will not be responsible for damaging irrigation systems that are located within the public road allowance.
  • You may experience noise as a result of Regional improvements. Work will be scheduled in accordance with local noise by-laws.
  • In the coming weeks, a precondition survey, including photos, will be performed of the project site before the construction begins.
  • Final property restoration will be completed towards the end of the construction project. You may experience temporary periods of lower water pressure during the installation of the new watermain. Your regular pressure will be restored once the new watermain is installed.
  • This work may cause traffic delays, lane shifts or lane restrictions, including temporary closure of any bike lanes as construction progresses. Emergency vehicle access will be maintained at all times.
  • To accommodate these watermain and wastewater main improvements a certified arborist will remove trees in pre-determined locations. Some pruning of hazardous trees and limbs may also be required. To offset the tree removals new trees will be replanted in accordance with Regional and local policies.
  • Your garbage and recycling will continue to be picked up on your regular scheduled collection day. The contractor is responsible for moving your garbage and recycling to a location where our collection vehicles can pick them up. Please mark your house number on containers or bins to help with identification.
  • There may be some disruption to your water services during the course of the project. Halton Region will provide at least 48 hours advance written notice of any scheduled shutdowns or disruptions.
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